TXL Express, 2012

DVD 4’ minutes, HD, stereo sound.

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TEGEL: FLIGHTS OF FANCY is a video programme that responds to the planned closure of Berlin’s Tegel Airport. The project is organised by Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Susanne Prinz and Julie Westerman and builds on a series of events, exhibitions and publications that have been realised through crosscultural collaboration between artists based in the UK and Germany. The event was hosted by Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa- Luxemburg-Platz and screened at the Kino Babylon on Saturday 2 June at 6:30–11:30 p.m.


Michelle Atherton, Diane Bauer+Amanda Beech, Chloé Brown, Giorgio Cappozzo+Robert Gschwantner, Alison J.Carr+Kirsten Honeit, Steven Chodoriwsky, Jamie Crew, Nick Crow+Ian Rawlingson, Harriet Davies, Bryan Eccleshall+Karl Heinz Jeron, Stella Flatten+Jon Klein+Liane Lang, Hondartza Fraga+Miguel Santos, Rachel Garfield+Janet Hodgson  Margarita Gluzberg, Jane Harris, Gill Hobson, Dale Holmes+Gary Simmonds, Dominique Hurth, Stephan Hüsch+Águeda Simó, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Renata Kaminska, Natasja Keller+Irene Pätzug, Sharon Kivland, Olga Lewicka+Carsten Zorn, Jeff Luckey, T.C. McCormack, Ashley Metz+Boris, Riedel+Joachim Stein, Jon Moscow, Karina Nimmerfall, Robert Partridge, Amy Patton, Melody Panosian+Stéphane Querrec, Karin Ruggaber+Sarah Staton, Leon Seth, Julie Westerman.

Published by The Green Box

Design: Anja Lutz // Book Design


96 pages, 120 illustrations, 

165 x 240 mm, softcover, flaps

DVD with 26 short films


ISBN 978-3-941644-59-5

in collaboration with Hondartza Fraga

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